Tenda Tora Holiday Raffle Winner

01/09/2017 - We have a winner!

Congratulations to Sarah Scott, who is the winner of the holiday raffle. Enjoy the holiday, Sarah. I wish to thank EVERYONE who has bought a ticket, and supported me. Thanks you guys are wonderful. We've sold a total of 103 tickets, raising a total of R5150!! 



12 Month Update

22/08/2017 - It has been 12 months since my second round of Adult Stem Cell Treatment at the Better Being Hospital, in Bangkok, Thailand. The results and improvement are very much on par with the first treatment I had received in 2011, in China. The stem cells have peaked. There are no new improvements to report. All of my symptoms have improved, though deterioration is very much present. I am seeing the same sort of deterioration I had experienced following my first round of treatments.

My walking ability and balance are still good. It is evident that I need more stem cells, and more often. I would say 8 packets of Adult Stem Cells once a year would keep me up to a reasonable level of strength and energy. My strength and energy is around 30-40%, at present. The treatment was definitely worth it. Read more about it HERE. Here is a short video that shows my balance and walking ability:



pretoria-fm-logo-retinaPretoria FM - Discussion on Ataxia

26/04/2017 - Thank you so much to Marianne Breytenbach and all the wonderful people at Pretoria FM. We had a fantastic day, talking in great length about Ataxia with Marianne on her medical show. I will try and upload the show to this page soon. Baie dankie aan Tannie Karien Kotze dat sy haar dag beskikbaar gestel het om my na Pretoria FM se ateljee in die ooste van Pretoria te neem.



Pretoria FM - Discussion on Ataxia - to air Wednesday 26 April 2017 at 

20:10 on www.pretoriafm.co.za 

23/04/ 2017 - I will be doing an in-depth discussion on Ataxia with Pretoria FM (104.2) radio show host Marianne Breytenbach. She hosts Pretoria FM's medical show. The show will air on Wednesday 26 April at 20:10. We will be talking about Ataxia, the illness I was diagnosed with in 2011, an illness thousands of people suffer from. Be sure to tune in and pass on the news to someone you know who suffers from this illness. You can also stream live via Pretoria FM's website www.pretoriafm.co.za   

Fundraising for my new business via Back-a-buddy

back a buddy logo

In addition to the RAFFLE, I have also started to fundraise on the BACK-A-BUDDY platform for my new business. I am starting a woodworking company, manufacturing and selling coffins and caskets, to pay for my stem cell treatments.

I have come to realize that I would need permanent financing for my stem cell treatments. Fundraising is hard work, and takes time. The only solution is to start  a business of my own. I've spent ample time researching this new project, and it looks very promising. I have already acquired two retired carpenters, who have decades of woodworking experience under their belt, to assist me. I've also acquired the location for our business.

All we need is the funding for the start-up costs R35 000 (US$2500), which would provide us our Power tools and the raw material for our first few batches. 

Six Month Treatment Update - 12 March 2017


Here is a short video update that shows my current condition, following six months after my stem cell treatment in Thailand.




news sa stem cellsStem Cell Treatment opens its doors in South Africa

- 7 February 2017 

Great News! Stem Cell Treatment has finally arrived in South Africa. The SA Stem Cell Institute, which focuses on various stem cell treatments incuding Mecenchymal Stem Cells (Adult Stem Cells derived from fat), has opened its doors in the beautiful town of Parys, in the Free State.

The institute, headed by Dr. Walter Bell, works in collaboration with US Stemcell, a stem cell company based in California.

I have been accepted for treatment at this facility. My treatment will consist of 8 packets of Mecenchymal Stem Cells (Adult Stem Cells) derived from Adipose Tissue (fat), along with various other therapies. The treatment costs R165 000.


First Donation!

 - 1 January 2017

I have received a R10 000 donation for my third round of Adult Stem Cell treatment! Thank you!! I wish to sincerely thank the donor, who wishes to remain anonymous. We're off to a great start!