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Stem cell treatment can enhance the quality of life for many people. Here are some of their stories. If you would like to share a positive story with us, please contact me at .



1. Aussie patients suffering from Knee Joint pain see remarkable results from stem cell treatment.




2. Four year-old boy from South Africa sees remarkable improvement in ability to walk following stem cell treatment

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3. Man with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis sees great improvement following Stem Cell Treatment  




4. Californian heart patient sees great results with Adult Stem Cell Treatment 


Video quality is poor, but definitely worth the watch!



5. Young boy from US with Autism sees astounding turnaround in his condition following Adult Stem Cell Treatment in Panama

Follow Kenneth's journey here:



6. Toddler with Cerebral Palsy sees amazing results after doctors treat her with Adult Stem Cells from her own Umbilical Cord blood

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7. Man from US with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sees drastic improvements in his condition.


8. Legendary and former hockeyplayer Gordie Howe has dramatic improvement after stem cell trial 



9. Lady from California who suffers from Lyme Disease and Multiple Autoimmune Diseases sees amazing reversal in her condition following Stem Cell Treatment in Germany


Stem Cell Transplants differ from Stem Cell Treatment. Stem cell transplants are most often used for cancers affecting the blood or immune system, such as leukemia or lymphoma. In most cases, stem cells are taken from the patients own tissue, such as bown marrow or blood, and injected back into the patient.

I've included two unusual stem cell transplant cases here, to demonstrate the incredible healing powers of Adult Stem Cells. These patients suffered from autoimmune diseases. To combat their illnesses, adult stem cells were harvested from the patients themselves, and put back into their bodies. Watch these fascinating stories of recovery.


10. Man who suffers from Systemic Scleroderma sees amazing recovery following Adult Stem Cell Transplant




11. Young lady who suffers from Lupus has incredibly recovery following Adult Stem Cell Transplant.

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12. Lady with Ataxia SCA -No7 sees great improvement in her ability to walk, energy and speech following Adult Stem Cell Treatment

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13. US football coach who suffers from Mulitple Sclerosis sees positive results from Adult Stem Cell treatment in Panama. 



14. Holly Huber, who suffers from MS, sees great improvement in her condition with continued Adult Stem Cell Treatment.