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Treatment Dates: 11 October – 10 November, 2011


Treatment Facility: Bethune International Peace Hospital, Shijiazhuang, China


Treatment Plan: 7 Packets of Adult Stem Cells plus Rehabilitation, including Acupuncture, Physical Therapy and Electro Wave Therapy.


Stem Cell Company: Beike Biotechnology


Diagnoses: Ataxia


Symptoms: Severe weakness in left side of body. Loss of balance – I had no balance and would fall over when trying to walk, very poor coordination and muscle strength in lower region, poor muscle strength in upper body , severe concentration problems – I struggled immensely to read or work on my PC. I would get an intense and extremely uncomfortable build up of pressure in the frontal lobe, resulting in extreme dizziness and an inability to concentrate. I had difficulty breathing through my left lung – My left lung capacity and ability to breathe through my left lung was at an approximate 40% strength.  I had very poor energy and stamina.






We had flown in from Johannesburg to Beijing via Singapore. We flew with Singapore Airlines, who were simply outstanding. Their service was truly exceptional. A hospital mini-van picked us up, and drove us the five hour journey to Shijiazhuang.







I had received 7 packets of Adult Stem Cells plus Rehabilitation at the Bethune International Peace Hospital in Shijiazhuang, China, over a period of 30 days. Treatment included Adult Stem Cell Treatment, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy and Electro Wave Therapy.


Adult Stem Cells: The stem cells were administered via IV infusion and Lumbar Punch. The cells came in 30ml packets. IV infusion took no longer than 20 minutes. It was a quick and painless procedure. I had found the lumbar punch injections to be a very uncomfortable experience, especially the days following the injections. I would get extreme dizzy spells during the physical therapy sessions. I had asked the doctors if I could receive the remainder of the treatment via IV infusions – they said it was no problem.


Acupuncture: I had never had Acupuncture before and had no idea what to expect. It was rather painful. I had learned, following treatment, that the Chinese Acupuncture is different from others, in that they stick the needles in very deep. Acupuncture was performed almost every day, for one hour per day.


Physical Therapy: The therapy sessions were brutal. They consisted of exercises designed to help the body with coordination, balance and movement. I had therapy sessions in the mornings and afternoons. The morning exercises were relatively trouble-free. The afternoon sessions were more strenuous; they were difficult to perform after lunch, since all of the blood goes to your stomach and not your head, making exercise extremely difficult. I had to ask, on several occasions to stop the therapy for the afternoon sessions. The doctors and therapists were very kind, and sensitive to each patient’s individual needs, and had no problem with that.


Electro Wave Therapy: A simple, painless procedure, by which electrodes are attached to your body, to help stimulate the muscles. The procedure lasted for 30 minutes.








Results from my first Adult Stem Cell treatment were remarkable. The stem cells had reacted very quickly. It was simply incredible. The best way to explain it was as if the stem cells were “switching on” whatever that was turned off – or wrong – inside my body. 


Within the first two weeks I had seen remarkable improvements in my balance and concentration. Though my muscles were still weak, I was able to walk unassisted for a good few meters with good balance. I was able to read a few pages without becoming dizzy. My ability to breathe had greatly improved – I could actually feel oxygen going to my brain again! My overall energy had also hugely improved within the first week alone.


As the treatment progressed, I continued to see improvements in all of my symptoms, most notably in balance, muscle strength, concentration, and my ability to breathe. It was truly incredible. The pressure that had always been building up in my frontal lobe had significantly subsided. My energy improved by leap years.


I was told that it was most unusual for the stem cells to react that quickly. A majority of the patients who had seen positive results from the treatment had only seen them months afterward. I felt extremely fortunate, and deeply grateful that the stem cells had not only worked, but that I was able to see results that quickly.







The staff, including the doctors, therapists, nurses and hospital staff had been truly outstanding. They were very kind and friendly, and took a sincere and genuine interest in your well-being. The doctors had done rounds every morning, while the nurses made sure we were well looked after. They were simply buoyed by the improvements in my condition. The therapists were fantastic, too. They were passionately involved with each therapy session, and very sensitive to your needs and well-being.





The staff from Beike Biotechnology had been nothing short of exceptional. They are very kind, very friendly, and extremely professional. From the moment that I had been accepted for treatment to receiving my final stem cell packet, they had been incredibly helpful and supportive. I would recommend them without hesitation.  I wish to say a very special thank you to the Management of Beike Biotech, and my Patient Representative, Luca Ricci, who has been outstanding, and a rock of support and encouragement.





The facilities at the hospital were basic, but very good and suited to our needs. Our room consisted of two beds, a small fridge, television, and a well equipped bathroom with shower and toilet. There was a kitchen at the end of the hall, were you could cook and make coffee. Our room had free internet, which had very good reception. Security was tight – you could only enter our section of the hospital by fingerprint identification.







We had a blast in China. The treatment had been very successful. We had done only a bit of sightseeing, since the treatment had been priority. We visited some temples – a wonderful, unique experience - and went to one of the restaurants in the city, which was a pleasant outing. The food in China was really good, and cheap; we mainly made use of the restaurant in the hospital. We had met and interacted with many of the other patients at the hospital; some came from afar as France, Italy and Argentina. There were very sick people, many of them children.





We loved the people of China. They were very polite and friendly. The city that we had stayed in was not a popular tourist attraction – Shijiazhuang is an industrial city – so they were not used to foreigners, and everywhere we went people stared at as. One woman had actually come over to hear my brother and I have a conversation in our mother tongue, Afrikaans. It was pretty funny. The Chinese love foreign children, too, and would often ask the parents to take pictures with the kids.


The driving in China is quite another thing. I had never seen so many people working so hard to not crash into each other. The roads were like organized chaos. On the days that we went sightseeing we had witnessed three near-accidents. Apparently each year, 75 000 people die on Chinese roads. I am not surprised. On our ride to and from the airport, our driver, drove like a possessed mad man, as if something was chasing him. It was very unnerving and quite an experience. Oh, and be warned, the Chinese spit everywhere.





Post treatment I continued to see improvements in my condition. As you can see from the accompanying video, my balance and ability to walk improved tremendously – I was able to walk again! It was truly a miracle, and I felt very grateful. My upper body strength increased dramatically, as well as my ability to concentrate. Though I still required frequent rest, I was able to read and work on my PC for hours.


The best way I can describe the stem cell treatment, was that it was like a battery that was recharged. And unfortunately, the battery goes flat eventually. My condition started to slowly deteriorate again, after about three to four years. But I can say, without a shadow of a doubt that the treatment was absolutely worth it.