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Treatment Dates: 26 July – 19 August 2016


Treatment Facility: Better Being Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand


Treatment Plan: 8 Packets of Adult Stem Cells plus Rehabilitation, including Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Oxygen Therapy and Aqua Therapy.


Stem Cell Company: Beike Biotechnology


Diagnoses: Ataxia


Symptoms: Difficulty sitting up straight for long periods – would become dizzy and experience chest pains. Severe weakness in left side of body. Loss of balance – I had no balance and would fall over when trying to walk, very poor coordination and muscle strength in lower region, poor muscle strength in upper body , severe concentration problems – I struggled immensely to read or work on my PC. I would get an intense and extremely uncomfortable build up of pressure in the frontal lobe, resulting in extreme dizziness and an inability to concentrate. I had difficulty breathing through my left lung – My left lung capacity and ability to breathe through my left lung was at an approximate 40% strength.  I had very poor energy and stamina.







We flew from Johannesburg to Bangkok via Hong Kong. Since I was unable to sit up straight, we had to fly Business Class. Cathay Pacific very generously provided us with a complimentary upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class. Their new stunning Business Class seats made it possible for me to lie down flat. It was wonderful! I had to sit up for the take-off and landings, which was unpleasant, but we made it through.



Between flights we were able to relax (and lie down) at the Business Class lounges at all three airports. It was most welcome. We enjoyed free food and drinks while there. It was terrific! We received exceptional service from Cathay Pacific on all of our flights. On our flight home, we even managed to have some pictures taken with the pilots in the cockpit! We wish to thank Cathay Pacific for all they have done for us; a special thanks to the Management and in particular Shannon Van Der Walt and Taryn Miles.



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I received 8 packets of Adult Stem Cells plus Rehabilitation at the Better Being Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand over a period of 25 days. The Treatment included Adult Stem Cell Treatment, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Oxygen Therapy and Aqua Therapy.


Adult Stem Cells: The stem cells – in 30ml packets - were administered via IV infusion only. I had asked for IV infusion only, because of my uncomfortable experience with the lumbar punch procedure in China. IV infusion was quick, no longer than 20 minutes per packet. Dr. Kusuma was present with the arrival of each stem cell packet, ensuring the right patient had received the correct stem cells.


Acupuncture: Acupuncture was performed almost every day, for one hour per day. This time the treatment was a much less painful experience. Dr. Ice – my acupuncturist – was extremely efficient and very friendly. She used a new procedure for inserting the needles: The needle was put inside a thin plastic cubicle. The cubicle is pressed down hard onto your skin – pain free - which puts pressure on the skin itself and absorbs most of the pressure. The needle is then quickly “tapped” into your skin. It’s cleverly done, and there’s almost no pain since the pressure of the tube absorbs the pain. I had approximately 20 needles inserted each day.


Physical Therapy: The PT sessions were rough. They lasted for an hour, sometimes less, depending on how much I was able to endure. The exercises were designed to assist with balance and coordination in the lower region. The therapists – extremely efficient, friendly and patient – were very sensitive to your needs, and would stop the session if you were not able to continue.


Occupational Therapy: A relatively easy type of therapy, designed to assist with basic motor skills and upper body balance and coordination. I completed all of the tasks with no difficulty. I was able to lie down whenever I needed to. The OT therapists were truly wonderful.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: This treatment consistent of lying inside oxygen chamber for one hour, and receiving pure oxygen. I really enjoyed this treatment. Pure oxygen! I had initially found it difficult to lie flat inside the chamber, but once I got around that problem, it was wonderful. The oxygen therapy is designed to assist with the body’s ability to heal and regenerate. The HOT therapists were outstanding.


Aqua Therapy: Water-aerobics, basically! It was great, great fun. The swimming pool was excellent and designed specifically for disabled people. The therapy was designed to assist with balance and coordination. What can I say, it was terrific. The low gravity made exercise easier. When I got tired, I could take a break or lie down on the water with help from a tube. The therapists were marvelous.








As you can see from the video, I had seen remarkable results, very much like my first round in 2011. Only this time the stem cells had found their targets more rapidly. It was truly incredible! Within the first week I had seen very good balance, enabling me to walk short distances. I had also seen excellent improvements with regards to concentration, breathing and my ability to sit up. My energy had also improved greatly. The pressure in my frontal lobe, as a result of over-activity had also significantly subsided.  As the treatment progressed, I had seen more and more improvements in every aspect of my illness.




Again, as with my experience in 2011, I felt that with each stem cell packet, it was as if the stem cells simply “switched on” whatever was turned off – or wrong with – inside my body. It was simply amazing. It was a great relief to know that the first treatment had not been a fluke, and that Adult Stem Cell treatment truly can provide me with quality of life. The staff and doctors at BBH were very impressed with my rapid improvements.








We were overwhelmed by the kindness, patience, efficiency and friendliness of the staff at the Better Being Hospital. All of the doctors, nurses, therapists and customer service staff had been terrific. Every symptom was seen to, and every need was catered for. The service was outstanding. Drs. Kusuma, Worawit and Torsak were magnificent. They were extremely patient, very knowledgeable and took a sincere and compassionate interest in our well-being.


All of the therapists and nurses had been absolutely wonderful and very professional; they were very patient, sympathetic and very friendly. The Thai people have a great sense of humour. We enjoyed a good banter between therapy sessions and doctor visits. The Customer Service staff was also highly efficient and friendly to boot. They took great care of us.






This was my second round of quality Stem Cell Treatment, courtesy of Beike Biotechnology. Again, I only received the most professional service, and excellent stem cells. Thank you Beike Biotech!


Sadly, my patient representative of seven years, Luca Ricci, had left Beike Biotech to pursue other interests. His service was exceptional. We had become good friends, and I will miss him greatly. A new Representative, Brice Milliera, had taken over from Luca. Brice has been nothing but outstanding, and I wish to thank him for all that he has done, to ensure my trip to Thailand was a great one. I look forward to working with him in the future.








The facilities at the Better Being Hospital are five-star. We stayed at the hospital itself, in a basic room that consisted of two beds, a small fridge, television and a big closet with ample space for clothing and suitcases. There is a fairly sized walk-in bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. It is equipped for people with disabilities. Outside of our room in the hallway were a dining table, small couch, a microwave and kettle.


We had a call-button we could press at any time for nurses or customer service. Their service was exceptional. For my treatment I had to adhere to a strict low-carbohydrate diet (Kitogenic Diet), and thus my food was provided by the hospital. The food was truly great, and was delivered promptly and neatly.



A friendly cleaning crew cleaned our room every day of the week, except on Sundays. We enjoyed free WiFi, provided by the hospital. (A friendly note: Do not download illegally while in Thailand). Laundry at the hospital was expensive; we made use of a cheap outside laundry service which you will find HERE. You can call a taxi at any time of the day. They are relatively cheap. We had booked a taxi for the day to see Bangkok. It cost us 1500 BAHT for 6-hours. You can book anytime via the hospital‘s customer service.







We were humbled by the kindness and respect which the Thai people had for one another. Their reverence for other human beings brushed off on us, and it made the treatment and our stay in Thailand a truly wonderful and spiritual experience, better than we could ever have hoped for. The Thai People are extremely friendly, patient and they have a great sense of humour. We loved it here, and cannot wait to go back.








We had a wonderful, most stupendous time while staying in Thailand. We didn’t know what to expect, honestly. But what we found was nothing short of amazing; the people, the country, the atmosphere, the food. There’s virtually no crime. The streets are clean, the people are friendly. We had seen the city of Bangkok, and loved it.



At first we were confounded by the expensive food prices; we had done our research on the internet, and had found it to be rather cheap. Then the penny dropped: The Better Being Hospital is situated in the affluent area of Sukhumvit. Everything was expensive in Sukhumvit. Fortunately, as you go further outside of Sukhimvit, the food becomes cheaper.


Also, may we recommend for everything else that you need, that you visit the Chatuchak market in Bangkok. It is HUGE, and more importantly, it is dirt CHEAP. Don’t forget to bargain for a good price! Kindly obey the no-smoking signs (you can get a fine), and all other Thai laws. Thailand is a wonderful place, but the Thai prisons are notorious for being unkind to humans.





It’s been 45 days since treatment, and I continue to see improvements in my condition. I can walk short distances with good balance. I can concentrate for longer periods, enabling me longer time on the PC and to read. My ability to breathe has significantly improved. Prior to treatment I would say my left lung had approximately 30-40% breathing capacity. I would say it is now up to approximately 80%. It feels truly wonderful just to be able to BREATHE normally!


My upper-body strength has greatly improved. My energy levels are up. I feel really good.

I still require frequent rest, and have adopted a five-day work, followed by a five-day rest period. As I have mentioned in my “Post Treatment” post of China 2011, the stem cell treatment has basically “recharged my battery”. Prior to treatment I would say I was at 30% strength level overall. I would say post treatment I am at a 60% strength level.


The doctors would like to see me back for treatment more often, and not wait another five years between treatment sessions. We have not only stopped the deterioration of my condition, but have managed to REVERSE it, by some margin. The stem cells are finding their targets very rapidly and I have reacted positively with EACH stem cell packet. If my body reacts this well between gaps of five years per treatment, imagine the possibilities of receiving treatment every year, or every two years. It is truly possible that my condition is completely reversible.




I've posted video clips that show my condition at 6, 12 and 18-months since my treatment. View them on THIS PAGE.